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Aqua Data Server

Aqua Data Server may be used at the center of your data warehousing system to provide access to multiple data sources, perform data reconciliation, as well as transform and load data warehouse tables. You can populate the data warehouse from production databases in real time to maintain synchronization with production databases, and exchange data between data sources and the data warehouse on a predefined schedule using the built-in job scheduler in order to level loads on production systems. For improved performance and scalability, data processing takes advantage of the multithreading capabilities of Aqua Data Server. Aqua Open APIs allow you to create reports and charts from the data warehouse in TXT, HTML, XML and MS Excel file formats.

Data Warehousing and ETL Solutions

Use these Aqua Data Server packages:

aquafold.openapi.rdbms and aquafold.openapi.rdbms.schema to access and manage databases of different vendors;
aquafold.openapi.math to implement data processing algorithms;, aquafold.openapi.filesystem to access file systems, read and write data into TXT, HTML and MS Excel files;, aquafold.openapi.chart to build data warehouse reporting and Business Intelligence applications.

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