Multiple Sources Data Synchronization
Aqua Data Server

Using Aqua Data Server, you can automate synchronization of multiple databases, including databases running on RDBMS from different vendors. Aqua Open APIs provide methods for accessing and querying the following databases: Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, Informix, Netezza, Teradata, Teradata Aster, Sybase, Greenplum, Vertica, SQLite, PostgreSQL and Apache Derby. Generic ODBC implementation provides access to other data sources. Developers can write AquaScripts—a JavaScript-based programming language—to retrieve the data, process it on the server, and insert it into the database that needs to be synchronized. Aqua Open APIs also include methods for finding differences in the data. Aqua Data Studio offers a full IDE for editing and debugging AquaScripts, and Aqua Data Sever can execute the synchronization scripts on a schedule.

Multiple Sources Data Synchronization

Use these Aqua Data Server packages:

aquafold.openapi.rdbms to access databases of different vendors; to analyze differences in data;
aquafold.openapi.math to implement data processing algorithms.

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