New Features By Release in Aqua Data Server

Version Release Date New Features
Version 18.0
Just Released
March 2017 Apache Hive 2.1 Support, Cloudera 5.8 Support, IBM DB2 UDB 11.1 Support, MongoDB 3.4 Support, MySQL 5.7 Support, PostgreSQL 9.5 Support, Vertica 8 Support, VoltDB 6.8 Support... Read more
Version 17.0
February 2016 SAP HANA Support, Apache Spark Support, Teradata Aster Database 6.1 Support, Vertica 7.1.2 Support, Newer Hive Distributions Support, SQLite Support, VoltDB 5.5 Support, DB2 z/OS 11 Support... Read more
Version 16.0
March 2015 Amazon EMR Hive Support, Sybase ASE and Sybase Anywhere 16.0 Support, SQL Server 2014 Support, MongoDB 3.0 Support, Apache Hive 0.14 Support, Hortonworks 2.2 Support, Cloudera 5.2 Support, VoltDB 4.9 Support... Read more
Version 15.0
September 2014 Amazon Redshift Support, Excel Support, VoltDB Support, Vertica 7 Support, DB2 10.5 Support, MongoDB 2.6 Support, More Bulk Import Support, More Hive Distributions Support... Read more
Version 14.0 October 2013 MongoDB Support, Hive Support, Cassandra Support, SQL Database (Azure) Support, Oracle 12c Support, Sybase IQ 16 Support, MySQL 5.6 Support, SQLite 3.7.15 Support... Read more
Version 13.0 April 2013 Greenplum Support, SQLite Support, Vertica Support, Netezza 7 Support, Sybase ASE 15.7 Support, Sybase IQ 15.4 Support, MySQL 5.5 Support ... Read more
Version 2.0 July 2012 Add Connections, Share Links and Status, Enhanced Profiles, Public Project Explorer, Custom Scheduling, ParAccel Analytic Platform Support, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Support, Charting Improvements ... Read more
Version 1.0 October 2011 Integration with Aqua Data Studio, Aqua Open APIs, Scheduled Jobs, Online AquaScript deployment, SQL Editor for ad hoc queries, Project level permissions, Brute Force login prevention, ... Read more

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